What we offer.

At BBLaw Inc., we have built our reputation on providing exceptional service to our clients.

Our main goal is to help your firm get the most from your LexisNexis software.

  • Facilitate a seamless installation, conversion or merger of PCLaw™.
  • Help your firm become skilled, self-sufficient users of PCLaw™.
  • Provide complete PCLaw™ training for new hires, initial users, upgrades and for those who want to get more from the software.
  • Create custom templates for PCLaw™ for billing, past due notices, labels and financial statements that will allow you to save valuable time and resources.
  • Assist your firm in upgrading PCLaw™ from one version to another.
  • Help you to utilize the new and upgraded features.
  • Supply your firm with the working knowledge of how to extract timely and relevant data from PCLaw™ to help you make key management decisions on productivity and cash-flow.
  • Provide assistance over and above LexisNexis Annual Maintenance.


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